Industrial Applications

OmniCel Batteries is a world leader in the design and manufacture of quality lithium batteries. An American company with state of the art facilities in China, OmniCel provides reliable and stable energy solutions for a variety of applications including military electronics, utility metering, security devices, tracking and telemetry systems, tollgate systems, automotive electronics, memory backup, and professional electronics.

The company founders, with their extensive knowledge gained from working with other leading battery manufacturers, sought to develop technically superior lithium batteries, while maintaining affordable pricing. OmniCel’s Research and Development team of electrochemistry engineers utilize the latest technology in developing the most advanced line of lithium batteries. We use only the finest components and raw materials, which are purchased from leading suppliers.

It is not enough to understand today’s technology, we need to be on the cutting edge of tomorrow’s changing energy requirements. Today OmniCel is present in 30 countries worldwide. Through our range of standard and engineered products, we are able to provide the next generation of energy solutions. With leading technology, engineering capabilities, manufacturing infrastructure, and management experience OmniCel is poised to remain at the forefront with our worldwide partners.

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