Shark Week 2017 Starts Sunday, July 23

Shark Week, Discovery Channel’s annual celebration of the fearsome fish, is in its 29th year and has become the Super Bowl of many shark enthusiasts.

Of all the stirring tales of maritime lore, few are as spectacular and chilling as the ability to watch sharks live due to tracking. While tracking via satellite may prove to be more costly than tagging, it is more effective and reliable in the long run. It provides accurate information regarding the movement and positioning of the shark, the speed it is swimming at and its preferred habitat within just a few hours of the real-time event.

Maps with images of the distribution and routes, and even digital pictures generated by these receptors, are all part of what satellite tracking enables scientists to gauge and use as material.

It is possible for these researchers to follow and watch the tagged sharks at any time of the day or night. This is vital because increased knowledge and understanding means an increased ability to preserve these fascinating creatures as well as to maintain optimal marine biodiversity.

The satellite transmitter attached to the shark includes an aerial, the transmitter and the all-important long-life lithium battery. As the animal goes about its usual activities, completely unhindered by the device, the transmitter sends signals to a satellite, which then interprets the positioning and sends this information to a control center anywhere in the world. The researchers are able to tell where the shark is, the path along which it has traveled and the speed it has reached.

Researchers and marine biologists have trusted and relied on OmniCel lithium batteries to power their transmitters for well over a decade. When considering a battery with high energy density for low weight requirements, OmniCel batteries provide reliable energy and sustained power, even under the most extreme environmental conditions.

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