Breathe, Tick and Move to the Beat of an Automated Drum

battery-operated medical equipmentThe most precious energy resource in the world is not found in coal, oil or natural gas, but in the breath, heartbeat and vitality of the human body. To preserve this uniquely human resource over time, space and medical conditions involves using the right medical equipment for the task at hand.

In times of emergent disease, such as a heart attack, medical professionals and the patient rely on portable, external defibrillators that can be transported to wherever the patient needs care. Heart attacks usually do not occur in a convenient location, like a fully-staffed hospital. When time is of the essence to preserve life, the portable medical equipment used must function for the entire event.

Managing dynamic healthcare conditions for a variety of conditions requires that the right medical equipment be available to patients where they live, work and move. Much of this portable medical equipment is dependent on the use of quality, long-lasting batteries.
portable medical equipment
OmniCel has batteries that offer compact, lightweight and stable power for a wide range of medical equipment. Our batteries can be found in respirators, external defibrillators and patient monitoring devices.

Each medical situation is unique. Having portable energy sources are critical for the health and daily living of our clients. In order to breathe, tick and move to the beat of their own, automated drummer, durable and reliable batteries are essential to this precious resource we call life.

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