FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why recycle batteries?

Q. Why recycle batteries? A. – It helps you stay in compliance with applicable environmental laws – All hazardous materials are recycled properly – Recycling saves landfill costs – It saves natural resources – It is the right thing to do

What is lithium?

Q. What is lithium? A. Lithium is a naturally occurring element that is mined primarily from brine deposits in the Andes Mountains of South America, and from the ore of a mineral called spodumene in North America and Australia. It can also be extracted from seawater. Lithium is the lightest metal on earth with the …

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How do our batteries compare to OEM?

Q. How do our batteries compare to OEM? A. We offer replacement batteries that meet the quality and performance of the original equipment manufacturer. We use the highest quality cells, plastics, electronics and safety components. Our products are tested prior to shipment to assure OEM quality.

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