Power Your Production: OmniCel Batteries For Sound Equipment

woman holding sound equipmentThe success of your production—your broadcast, movie, podcast, recording, teleseminar, video, Webinar—is ultimately tied to the quality of your equipment. Power your sound equipment with OmniCel batteries for superior results.

The show must go on!

  • We help you locate the right batteries for your equipment and your production needs
  • We guarantee fresh, high quality batteries
  • We research, develop, and manufacture the batteries we sell
  • We know the right solution is critical to your success

Whether you run a

  • Business that produces multi-media content
  • DJ service
  • Emergency broadcasting system
  • Government agency
  • Recording studio
  • Theater department
  • Training facility

it’s important to have the energy to power your production—no matter where it may take you.

OmniCel lithium batteries last up to five times longer than alkaline batteries. They deliver high quality results for the life of the battery, unlike alkaline batteries that show decreased performance over time.

It’s showtime. Join performers and communicators worldwide who trust OmniCel batteries. Contact us https://omnicel.com/contact/ to find out if your sound equipment could benefit from a switch to an OmniCel lithium battery.


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