Check, Check, Roger That! Just Look Where OmniCel Batteries Can Take You!

batteries for night vision gogglesThere are so many places in industrial and military settings that are difficult or dangerous for people to reach, yet still require oversight. As human beings, we are constantly reaching out to further, higher and deeper realms to explore, expand and engage with our world. These ambitions require equipment, devices and tools that can keep up.

OmniCel high-quality batteries deliver powerful and reliable energy in the challenging conditions under which our military and commercial clients operate. When the standards for working conditions are rigorous, OmniCel delivers on a promise to keep mission-critical devices, such as night vision lens, working for long periods of time.

We know that nobody wants to think about whether a device is going to work in the heat of the moment.

Often it is not the time spent in a situation that is challenging, but the location of the monitoring device. OmniCel offers batteries for devices in these settings so that our clients can limit navigating to difficult to reach devices at sea, below ground or high up. We supply batteries for monitoring devices on buoys and ocean rigs, in high towers located in extreme weather conditions, as well as deep under ground.
long-lasing batteries for difficult to reach places
Limiting the frequency of having to swap out old batteries in these monitoring devices in these dangerous places can save the lives of workers and military personnel. OmniCel batteries work longer than other batteries allowing you to collect more pertinent data from these remote locations.

Additionally, using less time for swapping out batteries helps manage operating costs. OmniCel delivers when it comes to creating a safer work environment and a more cost effective one. When it comes to safety and saving money, we can all certainly say, “Check, Check, Roger That!”

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