Where Did It Go? Track Cargo Confidently with OmniCel

cargo tarckingEach day in ports around the world, cargo containers are coming in and leaving. In the Western Hemisphere alone, there is more than 7.8 billion tons of cargo shipped yearly. This cargo contains food, clothing, medicine, fuel, building materials and other critical supplies. All this shipping stimulates trillions of new dollars into the economy. http://aapa.files.cms-plus.com/PDFs/2 Page Seaport Prosperity Final1.pdf

Shipping is big business that demands effective tracking of cargo. That’s where OmniCel batteries take the helm.

Where did it go? With OmniCel, you will always be assured that you will know the location of your cargo containers and large equipment transfers.

OmniCel supports companies that provide tracking devices on shipping containers and large equipment. We are part of the relay race of shipping deliveries that begins when a company initiates their order and waits to hear whether their equipment or cargo has arrived at its destination.

Ineffective tracking can result in loss of supplies and equipment. Lost cargo means financial losses to multiple business parties. Moreover, it means lost time. For example, can you imagine the cascading effect of losing critical equipment required to complete a commercial real estate build? Special order, large equipment is expensive, so it is developed in small quantities on an as-needed basis. Losing such a piece of equipment in transit would impact the bottom line across the board.

It is critical to have a reliable and long-lasting battery source to keep the tracking device functioning and accurately reading. We offer peace of mind to shipping agents around the world who depend on OmniCel batteries.

OmniCel provides reliable and affordable batteries for tracking devices found on your shipping container and heavy equipment. We provide you the confidence that you will know where your shipment is in the transport process.

Where did it go? With OmniCel, you’ll always know.

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