Hands Down, Waving Your Way to Cleanliness and Health

battery-operated hand sanitizerWe are mobile humans. From our children racing through school hallways, around community centers and malls, to adults sharing offices and dining halls, to seniors visiting sick friends in the hospital or nursing home – we share exposure to germs and viruses.

Following us into these communal spaces like silent guardians are the underappreciated, automatic hand sanitizers. The use of these devices is common in every day life and important for keeping people healthy. The Hand Sanitizer Manufacturing industry has grown due to heightened consumer health consciousness, and spiked due to concerns of the global COVID-19 pandemic.


We now walk into a hospital, school, office, store and other locations, wave our hands and usually receive a healthy dose of hand sanitizer for our efforts. Few of us ever spend even a moment thinking about the mechanism that actually delivers on its promise of clean hands. At times we may need to remind the maintenance service to refill the bottle of sanitizer, but we don’t consider the battery-operated portion of the process.

Notably, the battery-operated portion of these devices ensures equal amounts of germ-fighting sanitizer are delivered for each hand wave. Automatic dispensers can help improve hand cleansing, establish good hygiene and save money doing it.

OmniCel has batteries that fit into small devices, such as automatic hand sanitizers. These batteries are long-lasting and provide reliable response in the automatic dispensers. If you think about all the public places – hospitals, schools, nursing homes, drug stores and other workplaces – that people need to ensure cleanliness, you can see how important something as small as a battery can be.

The difference that this small device makes is a quite tangible linchpin in the process of health. Hands down, OmniCel batteries help you wave your way to cleanliness and health.

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