Powering A Dog-Tracking Collar

hunting dog with battery powered tracking collar

Do you know where your dog is?

Here in the United States, the autumn months are prime hunting season and an ideal time for your canine companions to go chasing wildlife.

Every dog tracking collar system is made up of three components: the hand-held receiver, the transmitter and the battery. The lightweight transmitter is attached to a collar worn by the dog while hunting. The transmitter sends a short radio signal, powered to the hand-held receiver, by the lithium battery, once every second on a specific frequency. The hand-held receiver listens for this signal, measuring the strength of the signal emitted from the dog tracking collar.  OmniCel is the preferred lithium battery that is installed and trusted by many telemetry tracking suppliers. 

When manufacturers state the range of a dog tracking collar they are referring to the distance the collar can be detected over a flat and unobstructed terrain. These distances are quoted under ideal circumstances such as a clear line of sight and a fully charged transmitter. Range can be reduced with differences in terrain or a weak collar. OmniCel batteries are designed to ensure that the dog tracking collars are powered to work in the toughest terrains without compromising or weakening the signal. 

OmniCel lithium batteries are available in a variety of sizes and amp hours to meet the requirements for all telemetry needs.

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