Put OmniCel’s Experience With TOU (Time Of Use) Meters To Work For You

face of time of use meterOmniCel products are utilized in off-peak meters, smart utility market meters, time-of-use meters, and industrial applications where performance is essential. Our company has 20+ years of experience working with commercial clients across the United States and around the world in the time-of-use metering industry alone.

Applications include

  • AMR add-ons
  • Data collection
  • Electric car charging during off-peak hours
  • Emergency backup
  • Peak/off-peak hot water heating
  • Smart utility metering

By utilizing time-of-use meters, you and/or your customers can save significantly on energy costs. By keeping them up and running, you don’t encounter problems like being unable to take advantage of off-peak hours because the timer is off.

An OmniCel battery—the ER14250 barrel cell—continues to be a proven and reliable energy source for TOU meters. Although the meters have changed, our battery continues to be the right energy solution

  • For when a meter loses power
  • In extreme temperatures and weather, thanks to our battery’s hermetic seal
  • For your metering design—our termination and fusing options allow smooth integration of our cells

For peak performance for your TOU meter’s off-peak and peak hours, choose an OmniCel battery.

  • We understand that finding the right energy solution is critical to your success
  • We research, develop, and manufacture the batteries we sell
  • We guarantee fresh, high quality batteries

Contact us https://omnicel.com/contact/ for help finding the right battery for your Time Of Use meter.


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