Is Your Seismic Recorder Ready For The Next Big One?

seismic recorderCheck the news on any given day and you are likely to find reports of aftershocks, earthquakes, earthquake swarms—a series of small earthquakes during a given time frame of several weeks or months where no one quake is “the big one”—and  tremors. All of these seismic events generate seismic waves that travel from the epicenter of the quake and spread, like ripples in a pond, across the earth’s surface.

Over time and distance, these seismic waves lose energy. The same is true of the seismometers that detect all magnitudes of earthquakes and of the seismographs that produce visual proof of an earthquake’s intensity.

Provide your seismic equipment with battery backup. Whether your seismic recorder is safely ensconced in a laboratory setting or situated in an outdoor setting where weather extremes can take a toll, you can rely on OmniCel batteries for memory backup.

With OmniCel batteries, you always get fresh, high quality batteries that have been developed and manufactured specifically for your application. We know finding the right battery and the right energy solution—especially in emergency situations and when you are out in the field—is critical to your success, so contact us for help outfitting your seismic recorder with the right battery.


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