Time to Pay Your Monthly Utility Bill?

Gas, electric, and water utilities across the globe have relied on OmniCel lithium batteries for the past 15 years. Small municipalities to large energy companies depend on the power of OmniCel to make sure your utility bill reflects your actual use of natural resources. From monthly electric meter readings to calibrating gas volume correctors, OmniCel has been a trusted partner in the utility industry.

Many isolated battery-powered instruments need to have an operating life of 10+ years. Primary non-rechargeable lithium batteries are the only proven technology to deliver this needed battery life. For critical applications, utilities use OmniCel batteries to insure a reliable power source that will maximize the service life of the instrument. OmniCel batteries will not only last long in the field, but they offer a proven shelf life of 10 years when stored at normal room temperature.

As mentioned in our post “Put OmniCel’s Experience With TOU (Time Of Use) Meters To Work For You,” our batteries enable data collection, smart utility metering, and peak/off-peak hours without consumers having to worry about a timer being off. You can trust OmniCel to power the equipment that monitors your energy usage. You can also be assured of uncompromised service when you use OmniCel lithium batteries in your own devices.

The experts at OmniCel want to help you find the right OmniCel lithium battery for your needs. Contact us at www.omnicel.com.


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